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About Us

Fargo Exploration Ltd. (the company) is a Canada-based professional geological consultant company. The company was established in 2017 and provides geological and mining engineering services to many local and international mining companies. Our professional services include exploration project management, geochemistry, geophysics and drilling services, project cost estimates, mineral resource estimates, permitting (GIS mapping) services, and reclamation support.

Ground Geochemical Services include soil sampling, rock sampling, bark sampling, stream sampling, geological mapping, and field portable XRF analysis of outcropping bedrock. Geological mapping and baseline study.

Technical Geophysics Services include UAV drone-based magnetic surveying and drone Lidar surveying. High-Resolution DC Multi-Electdoe Resistivity Survey. Ground Magnetic surveying and VLF. Tromino® BLU Seismic geological and engineering surveying.

Drilling Services include backpack drilling, core logging service (geological and geotechnical logging), and core sampling (QAQC procedures set up). We also assist our clients with small to large-scale trenching programs.


Boots on the Ground

Fargo Exploration helps our clients assess and evaluate the property value, generate potential exploration areas, and then use the geochemical and geophysics approaches to lock down the drilling and mining targets.

Fargo Exploration has experience finding and evaluating different mineral deposits at different exploration stages. Fargo Exploration provides consultant service on copper, molybdenum, gold porphyry deposit, ultramafic peridotite related to nickel, cobalt, and PEG deposit, vein type deposits. Our company also has many years of experience in alluvial gold deposits (placer deposits), focusing on exploration approaches and placer mining production. We use our multi-electrode resistivity surveying system to help our clients find underground layer profiles and incredibly ancient paleo-gravel channels. Recently, we added our UAV drone-based surveying service, increasing our exploration tasks' efficiency.

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Environmental Commitment

At the core of our values is a firm belief that we have the capability to transform how exploration technology evolves to be more successful at finding deposits while at the same time reducing the impact necessary. Most of our surveys are efficient, less-ground-disturbing technologies that collect high-resolution data, designed to directly answer critical exploration questions. Our surveys are rapid to deploy and execute. We provide quick data turnaround and real-time data where possible (such as portable XRF tester). These features allow us to evaluate an early-stage exploration target as efficiently and quickly as possible with reducing the carbon footprint.


What is Mesothermal System?

Mesothermal veins are known for their large size and continuation to depth, and therefore, are a major source of the world’s gold production.

A large portion of the world’s economic deposits of gold, silver, copper, and lead–zinc are found in vein (lode) deposits. When veins occur in groupings—various discrete veins with similar characteristics clustered in the same area—the deposit is referred to as a vein system. Vein systems can hold impressive amounts of valuable minerals.

Most often, vein-hosted gold is invisible to the unaided eye as it is found in conjunction with a fair bit of gangue material including quartz, sulfide minerals, calcite, and various clay minerals. Veins range in thickness from a few centimeters to four meters; they can be several hundreds of meters long and extend to depths in excess of 1,500 meters. Mineralization commonly occurs in shoots within the vein structures.

*From PRECIOUS METALS, Investing News.

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