About Us

Fargo Exploration Ltd. (the company) is a Canada-based professional geological consultant company. The company was established in 2017 and provides geological and mining engineering services to many local and international mining companies. Our professional services include exploration project management, geochemistry, geophysics and drilling services, project cost estimates, mineral resource estimates, permitting (GIS mapping) services, and reclamation support.

Ground Geochemical Services include soil sampling, rock sampling, bark sampling, stream sampling, geological mapping, and field portable XRF analysis of outcropping bedrock. Geological mapping and baseline study.

Technical Geophysics Services include UAV drone-based magnetic surveying and drone Lidar surveying. High-Resolution DC Multi-Electdoe Resistivity Survey. Ground Magnetic surveying and VLF. Tromino® BLU Seismic geological and engineering surveying.

Drilling Services include backpack drilling, core logging service (geological and geotechnical logging), and core sampling (QAQC procedures set up). We also assist our clients with small to large-scale trenching programs.

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